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May 15, 2017
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WannaCry ransomware: India’s CERT to webcast how to protect against

WannaCry ransomware

It was believed that the WannaCry ransomware threat is going to be worse on Monday as more employees log into their computers. But India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) will be holding a webcast on how to protect against this.

The WannaCry attack began on Friday night with thousands of ransomware attacks on computers in over 100 countries, including India. Government agencies like UK’s National Health Service were impacted as was Spain’s Telefonica, which is the largest telecom provider in the country. WannaCry cyber-attack also affected computers in India, including those being used by government agencies like the Andhra Pradesh police department.

In today’s webcast, CERT India will try and create awareness among users and organizations around this ransomware. The topic of the webcast is “Prevention of WannaCry Ransomware Threat – session by CERT-In”, and it will start at 11 AM.

How WannaCry ransomware attack Works

WannaCry is a crypto-ransomware, which encrypts all the data on a computer within seconds. All your files become inaccessible, and the only way to get access back is to pay a ransom of $300 in Bitcoins. The computer flashes a message asking for the payments if they want access to the data.

How To prevent WannaCry ransomware

Microsoft in its blog post said, “At the same time, it’s already apparent that there will be broader and important lessons from the “WannaCrypt” attack”. The company also issued an update to Windows Defender to detect the WannaCrypt attack. They promised help to customers who have been inflicted by the attack.

So far it looks like the WannaCry attack was been brought under control thanks to security researcher MalwareTech, who discovered a kill switch accidentally. The hackers had linked to a dead URL, but once MalwareTech registered to a domain name for $10.69, the attack shut down.

It has been reported that a new ransomware named as “WannaCry” is spreading widely. WannaCry encrypts the files on infected Windows systems. This ransomware spreads by exploiting vulnerable Windows Systems. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team has issued an advisory regarding prevention of this threat.

In view of the high damage potential of the ransomware, a webcast has been arranged to create awareness among users/organizations.

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