Awaken the Magic
Awaken the Magic: Real Stories of Love, Hope and Inspiration | Pdf ebook
April 14, 2017
A Man for All Markets
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April 15, 2017

Sky is Not the Limit by Santosh Joshi | Pdf ebook | Free Download

Sky is Not the Limit

Book Name: Sky is Not the Limit
Book Author: Santosh Joshi

The book ‘Sky is Not the Limit‘ authored by Santosh Joshi describes the situation of life when we are often dissatisfied with our current situation while knowing absolutely well that where we find ourselves today, is exactly where we have chosen to be. This book uncovers the barriers which lie between you and the unlimited potential within you. Once you can locate what is holding you back, you can destroy the barriers keeping you from being the powerful individual that you are already. The only limitation you have is self-imposed. The readers of this book may get how to get out of your own way and act out of your original self. Using real-life stories and examples, more importantly, the time-tested techniques, this book shows you how to use the real abilities and potential power to believe in your own self. Reach your highest potential Emerge a winner even in the most challenging situations to achieve your dreams to live a highly successful, healthy and lavish life.

About the Author of Sky is Not the Limit

Santosh Joshi is the Founder of the 12-minute SKY technique, which is gaining popularity day by day. He is also the author of best sellers ‘KEYS’ and ‘Many Lives One Soul’. A Mechanical engineer by education, he quit his profitable career of 17 years to follow his inner callings; as a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Healer. He conducts specialized corporate programs and open workshops on SKY and Past Life Regression therapy. His workshops are acclaimed as ‘Life transforming’ by the participants.

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