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This Love that Feels Right By Ravinder Singh
June 23, 2016
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July 25, 2016

Its Not Luck…He Worked Hard For It: Story of a Blogger

Its Not Luck…He Worked Hard For It

Its Not Luck…He Worked Hard For It: Story of a Blogger

I was about to leave the Blogging. I don’t have any topic for which i can write the blog post. One day i was using facebook and i read an article from a famous blogger Kulwant Nagi. I will introduce him later. His article inspired me a lot. I decided to write about him and his article.

What was the Article??

One day Kulwant was travelling with his friend. His friend said: “Kulwant you are Lucky because you are travelling the world.” 

He said I am not lucky, I worked hard for it.

But still his friend did not agree to him and repeating you are lucky, you start blogging at the right time. There was no competition when you start blogging.

What Kulwant replied to his friend??

“I started blogging in 2011, there were a lot of fellow bloggers. Who blogged for few month and left the blogging. Where is their LUCK?

I got admission in 6 universities in USA in 2010, and because I don’t have enough money, i couldn’t complete my masters degree. Where is my LUCK at that point?

I blogged for 3 years from a single room wgere my whole family was watching tv and sleeping. I sacrificed my sleep. I blogged for 3 years with 2G mobile internet. I borrowed money form my brother to get the hosting. I blogged even when i was not good in English.

I blogged when i was not even in the mood to write articles.

I just blogged every single day and night to become way better than the crowd.

I don’t believe in luck. It’s the destiny which takes you from one palace to another.

It will conspire the ways around you which will help you to reach at that level in your life.

It’s not my Luck. I worked hard for it.

If you are waiting for the LUCK to happen, i would say, keep on waiting. It’s the never ever going to happen if you don’t take any Actions.”

This is the article that inspired me to write. I hope it will also inspire you to write something, not only to write but to do something.


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