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CBSE Class 12 results 2017: Topper Raksha Gopal scores
May 28, 2017
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June 6, 2017

India against reservation! Every Ideal Indian Should Support

India against reservation

Why reservation was created initially?

There was an era when India got independence from Britishers, but we never got the real independence from the society created boundations named as”reservation”. BhimRao Ambedkar played a crucial part in the formation of our Indian Constitution, has brought the amendment of giving reservation to the backward castes, scheduled tribes, scheduled castes etc.

The need occurred though because that time socially backward classes were facing problems as the people living in the rural areas at large. Some extent in urban areas the mentality was stuck with orthodox ideology, norms, and thinking. Thereby Dr. BR. Ambedkar also depicted that “reservation” must be given to the affected classes but for an utmost period of 10 years which was quite enough. After Independence since 1947 if we consider that period, such that”Reservation” must be ended till 1957 at most.

Why reservation Do Not End

Congress for its continuous rule never felt interested in terminating the “reservation”. Since then till now in people and government are changed but the hoax of reservation is yet to be eliminated. It is quite difficult to eliminate by the ruling party for their vote bank of SC/ST, Muslims etc.

General people must stand for the complete backlash of “reservation” as its too much now.Deserved people have only suffered, suffer and may suffer in future for the sake of “reserved people”.Jobs, offices, schools, colleges everywhere the general eligible candidate suffers.

Around 45 % jobs are reserved for SC/ST’s similarly 40-50% in colleges! We don’t give the real eligible students the real opportunity so that they move to foreign for jobs. We are much eligible and capable than U.S.A. So if U.S can eliminate the major problems then why we cannot? So please stand India for a better India and a developed India! And everyone calls for an anti-reserved India.

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