how to scan your webiste online
How To Scan Your Website Online For Free
January 20, 2016

How to remove malware from your wordpress website without losing your content?

Now a day malware in the website is a very common problem. Today i will provide is a very simple guide along with the screenshot. By following all these steps you can easily remove malware from your wordpress website without losing your content, images and comment or reviews etc.

How to find the Malicious Data in your wordpress website.

There are some common problem you face when there are some malicious files at your website root.

Resource limit is reached:- This happen when your account is exceeding the resources that are allocated to it, such as CPU usage or RAM allocation. This may happen because the malicious files have some script that generate automation requests, due to these request your resource reached to its limit. When you reached at your resources limit you will get a mail alert from your hosting company at your registered mail id.

Website shows blank page:- sometime website start showing blank page when there are some malicious code or virus affected files present at the root.

Website redirects to some other website:- Sometimes hacker add scripts to website when the user enter the url the script runs and redirect user to some other website.

Spamy Links or Page unindexed on google:- Sometime when your check your website’s index status on google like site:/www:// It shows fake results, google show some pages that, you did not actually post on your your website. Google may block your website if you do not stop it. Your website will not do well in google result.

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