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January 12, 2017
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Today is My Favourite Day: Unleashing the Power of Optimism
January 31, 2017

Feroze Gandhi: The Forgotten Gandhi

Feroze Gandhi: The Forgotten Gandhi


Feroze Gandhi: The Forgotten Gandhi

Bertil Falk

Feroze Gandhi is often remembered as Indira Gandhi’s husband and Jawaharlal Nehru’s son-in-law.

But who was Feroze Gandhi?

A young freedom fighter, a parliamentarian, a Congress worker, or just another Gandhi? Diving into the history of the Nehru–Gandhi family, the Swedish journalist Bertil Falk brings together his 40-year old research in this biography of Feroze Gandhi. Including some rare pictures, first-hand interviews of people close to Feroze Gandhi and personal experiences of the author Bertil, this book Feroze Gandhi: The Forgotten Gandhi brings to light his significant, yet unrecognized, role as a parliamentarian, in cases such as the Mundhra case, Life Insurance and Freedom of Press Bill.

It also busts some myths about Feroze’s personal life, his controversial origin, his relationship with the Nehrus and his importance as a politician. With interesting details about Feroze Gandhi as a young boy in Allahabad, to his years as a freedom fighter, Congressman, journalist, and a politician, this volume examines the chronology of events that shaped the life of Feroze.

About the author:

Bertil Falk is a highly respected TV journalist and Swedish newspaper, who spent more than 10 years of his life in India, the United States and England. His love in writing started with a short science fiction story, published when he was 12, he then did a few radio programs when he was 15 and got a mystery novel published when he was 20.

After retirement, Bertil has written about thirty-five books (fiction and non-fiction) and besides translating many mystery writers into Swedish he also translated and edited into English two anthologies of short stories by Swedish mystery writers. He was the editor of the cultural magazine DAST for a few years and contributed until recently for fiction as well as non-fiction to the internetzine Bewildering Stories.

He also filmed and produced video documentaries in Africa. For the past ten years – until recently, he produced community radio programs for Trelleborg Sjöormen Rotary Club, where he is a member.


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