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April 16, 2017
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April 17, 2017

Daring Kareena Kapoor Khan’s meanest ever statements for other celebrities

Daring Kareena Kapoor

The Attitude queen Daring Kareena Kapoor Khan is the blunt ladies ever. Diplomacy is not the word present in her dictionary. She speaks what is there at here heart and mind without any think what others would say about. Even her friends inside and outside the film industry revealed her as one of the biggest gossips ladies. Right from the secret relationships of all, to who wore what at which event she bitches and gossips all about.

Being from India’s biggest film family she remains always fearless and does not care what other think of her. And people love her for the same.

But after reading below-mentioned statements by her for the other celebrities your mind would change for her…

Daring Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Shocking Statements

Salman Khan is a bad Actor; I don’t like him “I am not at all fan of Salman Khan and I don’t like him”, Kareena Kapoor made this statement several years ago. However, now everything is fine between them.

Preeti Zinta is now in competition with me When Preeti Zinta was active in here acting career she raised a logical concern over nepotism and said, “Star Kids Get Undue Privileges”. Katrina retorted it with, ” She said something about me and me retaliated. There may be some misunderstanding but she was not ready to clear up.

Once she called the bong beauty queen Bipasha Basu as “Black Cat“.

John Abraham is expressionless, won’t ever work with him When Karina was offered for ‘Kaho Na Pyaar hai’ but she rejected the film. Ameesha Patel bagged the role which made her a superstar. This led to cold war between both Karina and Ameesha. She said, “The movie is a hit only because of Hrithik, She doesn’t look beautiful(Referring to Ameesha). If I would be there in the film, I would have done definitely better but I still feel that the attention would have got divided between us. So I’m glad I have not done the movie”.

Sonakshi Sinha is better suited to be a house wife While we all have utter respect for housewives. But in an interview in Coffee with Karan Episode when she was asked for an alternate profession for Sonakshi Sinha she quickly replied that Sona was best suited for a housewife.

While that’s too harsh words by her!

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