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Confessions of a Dying Mind: The Blind Faith Of Atheism | Pdf ebook

Confessions of a Dying Mind

Book Name: Confessions of a Dying Mind: The Blind Faith Of Atheism
Author Name: Haulian Guite

Confessions of a Dying Mind‘ reveals all around a question in everyone’s mind i.e. Is God a bad myth?
An ancient delusion, fantasized by our distant forebears
to console their fears?
Are there good reasons to disbelieve?
Has modern science made him obsolete?

Or, au contraire … could it be that atheism is blind?

These are the core questions explored in this novelization, through the conversations of the protagonists, Dyers and Walker.

Albert Dyers is a renowned journalist who thinks belief in God is “ridiculous, erroneous and dangerous”;
and makes a career out of defeating it.
Till an untimely roadside accident changes everything.
The accident induces in him a state of near-death experience (ND-E), which threatens to overturn his worldview when he meets an entity called Walker, who claims to be an angel.

An innovative attempt to bring philosophy down from the ivory tower of academia to the man of the streets. “Confessions Of A Dying Mind” remains the first serious philosophical novel of the 21st century.
It recounts the adventures and ideas thrown up by the various states of being these two personas experienced. Elements of mythology, history, adventure – yes, even romance – are poured into its central thesis, where modern scientific theories and received philosophical insights are mustered to bear on this oldest and deepest of humanity’s anxieties.

About The Author of Confessions of a Dying Mind: The Blind Faith Of Atheism

Mr. Guite has a broad range of academic interests in the social sciences and philosophy of natural sciences. He was a student of philosophy at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. Completing his master’s in sociology after entering civil service, he cleared the UGC-NET exam with JRF in philosophy and passes the entrance doctorate exam in political science from the National Institute of Technology, Jaipur.

Philosophy is being his first love, Mr. Guite has composed this innovative work as the first fruit of his intellectual journey. He remains the first and only Indian tribal to write a nonfiction novel and the only IAS officer to publish a philosophical writing.


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