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Boy Blinded In One Eye After Being Severely Caned In The School

Boy Blinded In One Eye

A Horrifying incident happened at St.Joseph’s School on May 9 where a class 12 student, Serven Terence, was caned by vice-principal Leslie Contino using a baton. The reason behind was that he was carrying bag during morning assembly which is usually not allowed in schools. But the punishment given to him is terrifying. Schools are to learn and make the students sensible personalities, students do mistakes and are being punished but in a limit or some way that they should feel guilty for their mistake and promise to not do it again in the future.

Boy Blinded In One Eye After Being Severely punished in School

Unfortunately, the baton struck Terence’s right eye which started bleeding profusely. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and later shifted to Lucknow for treatment. It was then declared that the boy had been blinded in the right eye.

The victim’s family has lodged an FIR against the vice-principal in the Civil Lines police station and an investigation will be done in the case.

The kind of mishappening we usually have heard, But never in a school. The news will emerge a fear in heart of every parent before making their child ready to go to the school. So, the matter should be investigated strictly to stop such thing in future to happen.

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