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April 15, 2017
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A Man for All Markets by Edward O. Thorp | Pdf ebook | Download Free

A Man for All Markets

Book Name: A Man for All Markets
Book Author: Edward O. Thorp

Edward O. Thorp the author of ‘A Man for All Markets‘ rose up from nothing to become a professor at MIT. He invented card counting and proceeded to beat the dealers of Las Vegas at blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Having brushed shoulders with casino mobsters and survived, he shared his secrets with the world, launching a gambling renaissance. His next stop was Wall Street, where he used statistical techniques to identify and exploit pricing anomalies in the securities markets, ushering in a stock market revolution and becoming the first of the great quantitative investors. In a remarkable career, Thorp attracted the attention of the legendary Warren Buffet, detected the Bernie Madoff scheme, invented the world’s the first wearable computer and amassed a significant personal fortune.

Now Thorp shares his incredible life story for the first time, revealing how he made his money and giving advice to the next generation of investors. An intellectual thrill ride, replete with practical wisdom, a Man for All Markets reveals the power of logic in a seemingly irrational world.

About the Author of A Man for All Markets

Edward O Thorp is the New York Times bestselling author of Beat the Dealer. Also a former professor of mathematics at MIT, UCLA and the University of California, Irvine. Now, he lives in Orange County, California.

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