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August 2, 2016
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January 12, 2017

A Handbook for Mechanical Engineering

A Handbook for Mechanical Engineering


A Handbook for Mechanical Engineering


“A Handbook for Mechanical Engineering” is an all-in-one guidebook for aspirants, who are preparing for PSUs, IES and GATE and competitive exams. This book will provide you all fundamental to core knowledge from the updated syllabus of Mechanical Engineering.

The book, A Handbook for Mechanical Engineering is divided into the number of chapters, which are further supported by formulae, theories and important concepts matching the examination pattern of competitive exams.

The easy-to-understand language of the A Handbook for Mechanical Engineering By Made easy book makes it ideal for all aspirants. Concepts and Theories are explained in clear and concise form. It contains all the essential aspects of the field allowing candidates to understand and go through the entire syllabus in less time. This book also has a section that offers tricks and ideas on how to solve questions faster, in a less complicated manner.

The A Handbook for Mechanical Engineering book mainly focuses on practice and revision of the syllabus, so that the students can learn more in short time without jeopardizing the quality of study. The book is thoroughly revised and updated according to the latest syllabus and examination pattern. Covering all the appropriate topics of the syllabus, the book provides comprehensive knowledge to candidates, helping them to excel in competitive exams.

About the author:

Made Easy Publications is India’s one of the most reputed publishing companies. The company mainly publishes books in the engineering related field, such as, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and various others. The study materials, academic magazines and books published by the company are very useful and have very easy -to-understand languages, which makes it ideal for the aspirants of every field.


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